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Debut album by Martin Gladman

Kept to the surface, The Resurrection could be seen simply as a grouping of ten songs moving effortlessly between pop, rock, folk, indie, gospel, r'n'b, hip-hop, dance and more.  However, for the more enquiring listener, a simple breath beneath the surface uncovers a deeply beautiful, otherworldly, but equally practical tale that speaks to the heart of humanity, reminding us all, that by nature, we are all Greater Together.  ​

More akin to the work of philosophers and poets of Ancient Persia and Greece, The Resurrection presents a vast, rich and multi-layered inquiry into life that unfolds like chapters in a book or acts in a play. Uniting the beauty and philosophy of this Ageless Wisdom with modern-day pop music sensibilities, The Resurrection opens with In The Universe, introducing us to two lovers as they dance around the possibilities of what lies in front of them. A metaphor for us all, the lovers symbolise the dance of choice that we make every single day - will we go deeper with love, or will we let the moment pass, filling it with delay and distraction until the opportunity re-turns? Traversing both time and space, the album follows the lovers as they experience a range of trials, tribulations and realisations, ultimately bringing them to a point whereby they realise they are, and always have been, Guardians of Love

Held within each song is a complete and deeply touching message or insight that presents an opportunity for the listener, if they so choose, to go deeper within themselves and 'resurrect' or ignite an inner beauty or strength within them which may have been lost or forgotten. With every detail considered from the sounds, the lyrics, the graphics, the ordering of the tracks and the styling of the photos - every aspect of The Resurrection is purposely symbolic, weaving together, capturing and communicating a grander picture. Be it an album, a play, a poem, an art piece, a self-help manual or a commentary on life, The Resurrection is them all, but equally, so much much more.


Released in July 2018, The Resurrection was record, produced, mixed and mastered by Michael Benhayon on his independent Australian record label GM Records, with all instruments on the album played by Michael himself, except of course, where Martin features. From the moment Martin and Michael entered the studio, the power and the magic between the two was undeniable. Since then, the two have been performing live together, both as a duet and with a full band, pushing the limits on what's possible on stage and inspiring audiences to open their hearts and get their bodies moving. The Resurrection is their first full record together.


Since releasing the album, lead single Everything We Need was held in the Top 5 of the Triple J Unearthed Public Vote Charts five weeks in a row and since then, Martin has been contacted from people all around the world expressing their appreciation and love for the record.


With its grandness seen not in its breath but in its depth, The Resurrection offers a well of beauty that is limited only by the readers or listeners willingness to explore.​ Always positive, always hopefully, otherworldly in the most beautiful sense, The Resurrection presents a very real and practical message to humanity - that no matter what our troubles maybe, no matter how lost things may seem, we each have the ability to rise and resurrect ourselves back into a place of feeling whole and complete. 


Welcome to The Resurrection



In The Universe
Everything We Need
Resurrect Our Love
Learn To Fly
Greater Together
The Resurrection
Anything Is Possible
Guardians Of Love
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