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Originating form Central Victoria, Australia, Martin Gladman is a singer-songwriter, artist, performer and producer in the making. Having thrown in the towel on music in his early twenties, Martin focused his time working as a social worker, counsellor, community development worker and sexual health educator. From working with those sleeping on the street to the so-called elite, to volunteering his time as a sexual health educator in Melbourne’s sex clubs, to running one of Australia’s most respected University's student counselling services, Martin has had the pleasure of working with and supporting people from all walks of life. 


After working with thousands of people and discussing the most intimate parts of their lives, Martin came learn that what we as a humanity have erroneously accepted and labelled as the ‘human condition’ is more akin to a plague than a condition that we need accept or abide by.  And it is here that Martin was inspired to get back into music, to support people beyond his counselling room to see that no matter what has come before, nor happening now, that deep within our hearts is an innate beauty that remains untouched, just waiting to come out - always untainted. 


Writing music that is deeply touching, inspiring and uplifting, whilst still being very real, practical and relatable, Martin moves effortlessly between electronica, folk, pop, r’n’b, hip hip, industrial rock, dance and more, responding to whatever style is needed to support the listener to connect to the quality and purpose of the song, and such, the beauty within them.


Martin’s debut album The Resurrection was released in 2018 via independent Australian record label GM Records, produced by its founder, Michael Benhayon.  Reclaiming the word ‘resurrection’ from its Abrahamic thieves, the album focuses on how it is that we can support ourselves to resurrect ourselves out of the mud and find ourselves on sold ground again, returning to being the Guardians of Love (the closing track no the album) we always were and can be. 


WIth little to no time for the rules of creation which that state that musical expression must be perfect, or even define us, Martin’s focus is first and foremost about people and what universally binds us.  Martin looks forward to all that he will learn from his studies in music production, and hopes to build on his skills so that he can increase his ability to be able to produce music, not only for himself, but for others. 

Martin hopes to release his next album by the end of 2022.

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